Hebrew Letter SHIN Necklace

Pronunciation: Shin
Numerical Value: 300
Primary meaning: Tooth, protection
Secondary meaning: Sharpening
Essence: Fire
Astrological continuum: Heaven
Time continuum: Summer
Soul continuum: Head
Sephirot: Connection between Wisdom (Chochmah) and Understanding (Binah)
Verse from Torah: God made the beasts of the field.
Grammatical usage: “That”
Form: Three Vavs balanced on a point; shape of a flaming fire.
Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation)

The shape of the Shin has three heads which correspond to the three procedures of the mind: wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. This is the ability to balance multiple realities; the ability to choose the middle path. Shin is the letter placed on the mezuzah- the letter associated with protection.

One who's name begins with the letter Shin is a dominant character and often attracts a lot of attention. Enthusiastic, and usually loved, they continuously search for sensation and distinction. In addition, they look for material objects, property, a stable livelihood, and high status. They are stubborn and sincere in speech. (Shemot Bnei Adam)
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    Sterling Silver Necklace 23.5mm round and is domed on both sides to form a pod shape pendant. It comes on an adjustable leather cord

    A Different Hebrew Letter is available on request


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